Tuesday, November 10, 2009

tHe eAsy reCiPe I MaDe bY mY 0wN(1)

€PIZZA HURRY(for 4 people serve)

The dough
1.3 tablespoon cooking oil
2.250g flour
3.25g of yeast
4.150ml cold water
5.some salt
The topping:
1.150g slices salamy(chicken or meat)
2.50g slices tomatoes
3.50g slices of onions
4.5 slices of cheese(the slice cheese product like chedder cheese, you also can use mayonise)
5.tomatoe sauce or chilli sauce

For the dough
1.put the flour in a bowl
2.put the salt into it
3.put the cold water
4.pour the oil on them
5.put the yeast
6.mix them using your hand or with a big spoon to make it a dough
7.take the dough and shape it by your own creativity on a tray
8.put them into an oven with 180
degree celcius for 5 minutes
9.after that, take it out form the oven to top it with your own style topping
For the topping
1.spread the sauce on top of the 'dough' as much as you want
2.put the salamy on it(decorate them by your own style)
3.put the tomatoes(decorate them by your own style)
4.put the onions
(decorate them by your own style)
5.put the cheese(cut the cheese to 6 pieces,
decorate them by your own style)
6.put it into the oven again with the same temperature for 15minutes or less

gud luck!!


  1. this recipe is suitable fo those in hurry for making the dinner or any ceremony

  2. Assalamualaikum dik;
    Akak dapat tahu blog adik dari;
    Hurm, best resepi ni. Suami akak asyik bising je, hari-hari menu sama...

    Terima kasih dik, pasti cik abang tak komplen dah , huhu

  3. sama2 kak n trm ksh bebanyak sbb komen..nie 1st time nie..huhu